My name is João and I am an interior designer specialized in architectural and interior visualization. For the past 3 years, I have been practicing and working within the visualization field regarding photorealistic rendering, walkthrough animations, video editing, image editing and post-processing.


Prior to finish my bachelor in 2018, I studied and worked within the graphic design and multimedia field, having experience in creating digital content plus digital and offset printing knowledge.

Even though my idea was always to follow the graphic design field, the idea of learning and being able to create the visuals of a yet unbuilt reality, clicked stronger in me.

While I enjoy architecture, the development of aircraft cabin interiors and yacht visualization allows me, not just to improve my visualization understanding and skills, but also encourages me to search technical information and learn more about components and materials.

The website

The original intention when I first launched the website, was to show works connected to architecture in their final renders. At some point, I decided to revamp the website and turn it into a place to share my visualizations progress, ideas and work methods rather than just final results. Nowadays I focus the website on the project visualization starting on its first technical sketches to its final visualization. All the visual content present on the website is created and developed by me, for illustrative purposes and not for clients.

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