G280: Lumion Exterior Visuals


To make things a bit different, I exported the model in FBX format and switched to Lumion to visualize the exterior part. For what will be the exterior visualization plus the animation, Lumion is quite versatile in building fast landscapes with height maps and its library including a big variety of vegetation.

Leaving the landscape topic aside, while exporting models in FBX format, it is important to take into account a few points. I already spoke about one of them during the Global visualization, where it is suited to group all mirrored object to avoid the loss of coordinates and appear out of place.

Aircraft Model

Another important point is searching for flipped surfaces. The effect will be seeing the wrong surface in a way that when you were supposed to see the outside surface, you will see the inside surface. While it is more common in 3d models that you may import into your project out of the internet, it may also happen with mirrored objects. In most cases the problem is solved by applying the Shell modifier to the model before export.

Applying Materials

I applied random materials back in 3Dsmax with vray. That wat I can have those areas already linked to apply the same or different materials in Lumion. The reason to that is, if you don´t apply the materials back in the program you built the model, when you import the model into Lumion, the program will assume it is just one texture for the whole model.

Different materials where applied to the selected areas presented in the two images above. In one I have selected the spine of the plane while on the other the wings and engines are the ones selected. More than one area will appear selected if you apply the same material or if you do not apply any materials.

If you are working with standard materials back in the 3d program, you can export them and apply in Lumion. In case you are working with a specific render engine such as vray, which is not compatible with Lumion, you still can convert the vray materials into standard ones manually, or through scripts.

Final Production Rendering

After applying all the exterior materials I spent some time playing around with the viewport and real skies mode, setting different daylight and taking a few close up shots of the model. In the end I gave it a touch with Nik Collection Color Efex Pro, improving the contrast and applying a more vivid look to the colors.