G280: Walkthrough Animation

Animation cover

With the scenario already set, I have been putting together some animations from both exterior and interior. This is one of the parts I enjoy doing because of video editing. Before I start to take any final animations, I choose a soundtrack and everything else will be set according to the tempo.

Exterior Animation Cuts

The exterior animation is coming out pretty close to what was my initial idea. At some point I am satisfied with the quality but, I will take a look at a few more flight examples to make sure the motion is set in a natural velocity, even though it may be subjective.

Rendering the animation with a slower motion may consume some extra time due to the number of frames added. The positive side is the possibility of stretching the clip time during the video editing for faster motion.

Interior Animation Cuts

About the interior, I applied the materials and tried to make them look as close as the vray renders. Naturally, these animations are set in a different daylight compared to the renders. I would say it is impossible, for now, to apply the same level of vray photorealism in Lumion, but its own quality together with the rendering time makes it a really balanced choice.

Final Cinematic Animation

The animation itself was the most extensive part of the whole process. When it comes to the video editing, I had to work around the time stretching of some exterior clips to add the notion of speed to the aircraft. An extra point about the video was the soundtrack. I needed to edit the ending regarding the last piano note. A 3 seconds fade out was added to the piano note, which was originally finishing abruptly in less than 1 second.