G280: Lumion Scene Building


Lately I have been building the scenario for the animation and trying different styles. My idea at first was to build a scene of the plane flying above a valley, but at the same time it felt so generic. Ended up building an environment different from my first idea.

1. Height Map

We can find plenty of height maps on the internet and there are websites which allow you to take height map photos from a specific region. Then you just have to import them into the program. On the other hand Lumion also has a function that allows us to take height maps directly from inside the program.

2. Terrain

Worked out the height map textures to give it a bit of a rocky surface lookalike since most of that would be covered with different kinds of vegetation, which I started to distribute randomly through the space. I recommend to maintain the drop rate of the vegetation pencil low and divide it by layers, so you can hide the content that is not part of the render. All of this because vegetation has a great impact in rendering times, even more when applied in great quantities.

3. Atmosphere

Even thought part of the scenario was built, there were elements that needed to be added to give more depth and realism to it. I applied fog and volumetric clouds to give it a more dramatic and cold environment while blocking part of the sunlight. Gave the fog a really light blue tone and placed the clouds in a way that it would mostly cover the bottom of the scenario while leaving the top of the mountains partially visible.

4. Model Integration

The scale and image quality already look good but I still have to make a few changes, such as the fog density. The amount of clouds present in the scenes and its animation will also be something to work on, yet everything will be defined by the viewpoint that each scene will be recorded.