Vray Toon Element

Before stepping into the renders, I wanted to go by a tool that I find useful when it comes to spot modeling mistakes and apply a sketch look. The Vray Toon Element is a great tool to visualize the lines of a project. One of its best applications is to the development of diagrams in architecture.

Ambient Occlusion Setting

In early stages of the 3d visualization, I am not one to go around applying colors to the models even though I think about how X or Y color will fit. If I begin to apply colors, my tendency is to start doing rendering tests even before the model is completed, delaying the work in the process. For now I will maintain the Ambient Occlusion mode, for what my goal is, I find it the best to join the Vray Toon Element with.

Vray Toon Element

Following what I was saying about mixing the Vray Toon Element with the Ambient Occlusion, we can also apply the Toon to a render with materials and not with the Occlusion. The reason I do not do it is because my end goal is never to produce cartoon look alike renders, unless someone asked me to do it that way.

At this stage I prefer to render outlined black and white images for illustrative purposes. It is not like they are meant to serve as a backup technical drawing. As far as I know and unlike others programs such as sketchup and archicad, there is no script or mode in 3dsmax that allow it to render with measurement. If there is, I would love to know.