Global 6000: Plan Introduction

Global 6000: Plan Introduction

I have started a new cabin interior visualization based on the Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft model. First thing I did was search existing cabin photos and illustrations of the model. Not having all the information, such as detailed measurements made me rely on side views and the few layout plan illustrations I could find.

Not having available all the information to visualize something helps me improve my notion of space by doing initial measurement through the connection space/object. It also helps me develop my searching skill precision and speed, which I consider a great soft skill in an era where almost everything we need or want to know, is available to us.

Cabin Shape

global structure

The cabin shape drawing is as important as the layout plan. It carries the projection of the whole cabin structure and will influence the whole visualization. Regardless the cabin floor plan being more illustrated and richer in information, the cabin shape drawing is much more important when it comes to build the model.

Layout Plan

Global plant

After spending some time around the layout and moving the elements through the plan, this is the one I will be working in. I may as well do a few small changes by the modeling process because the point of 3D visualization, more than a way of art, is to make us question if what we are thinking is what we actually want after all.