Global 6000: Vray Render Setup

Global 6000: Vray Render Setup

Render settings is probably one of the most searched topics when we talk about rendering. As long as we are rendering still images, there is not much to be changed if not the subdivs and the noise threshold. The values applied will also vary according to the kind of scene, materials and light.

1. Render Setup

I mainly changed values to the Antialaising, Bucket image sample, Global DM in Vray tab. Also did some value changes to the Light cache and Irradiance map in GI tab. At some point there is no need to hit these values, such as the low noise threshold value or the high shading rate. On the other hand everything will depend on the computer hardware, mainly CPU cores/threads quantity. Camera definitions such as the ISO, f-number and shutter speed were always the same for all cameras in the project.

2. HDRI Map

This was the HDRI map applied to the scene for its illumination. I know the content of the map does not make sense to the cabin, but there was no intention to see the outside either. The goal here was precisely the lightning part. Unwanted green tones may appear while rendering, but easily removed with Photoshop Camera Raw. You can find more of these HDRI maps at

3. Render Result

After the rendering was completed, I did work a little with the buffer exposure, contrast and saturation. I am not really into working with the buffer editing part, leaving it to the full post-processing in photoshop, but when there is something I can do to facilitate me on the later editing, I give it a touch.