GrandTour: Plan Introduction

GrandTour: Plan Introduction

This is a new for me because it is going to be the first yacht visualization I will start developing. I also have another aircraft cabin visualization in mind, so I will see which one I will delay for later. Either way, both already have their plans. Going back to the topic, different from the other visualizations that are based in real-life models, this is going to be an unbuilt project.

I am not too familiar with the yacht world and pretty much introducing myself for now. Before I draw this initial plans, I started by looking at yacht sale websites which is where I could find both photos and plans from the projects.

Deck Plans

Lower Deck Plan
Main Deck Plan
Wheel House Deck Plan
Sun Deck Plan
Full Plan View

With all the deck plans drawn and prepared to be imported into 3dstudio, I have got my starting point. Now I just have to align the deck plans one over another by using the stairs as the reference point. I show the length of the yacht but did not include the width, which in the boat world is called Beam, measuring 7,6 meters.

Top View

I will finish this post with a clean top view version.