Tutorials: Nik Collection Silver Efex

Tutorials: Nik Collection Silver Efex

The showcasing of Silver Efex is going to be a simple and short one. Its results are monotone based with a couple more effects. For what it is, it does not need much explanation. I do rarely work with this plugin since most of the time it does not suit my image goals.

Silver Efex Plugin

The Silver Efex is positioned more at the bottom of the Nik Collection menu. You will need to scroll down the menu or expand it by dragging. If you do not have the menu, you can find it on the Menu Bar > Filters.

Interface & Tools

Compared to the Color Efex plugin, Silver Efex has its similarities, such as the presets library and the custom recipes, but does not hit the same extent. Some of its adjustment options are much alike to the Photoshop layer adjustments and Color Efex.

Final Sample

It is a fun plugin to work with if you enjoy black and white photos, playing with mono tones and add grain and analog effects. I would say, if you like to give a old look to your pictures, this is a go to.