Tutorials: Nik Collection Viveza 2

Nik Collection Viveza 2

The Viveza 2 plugin is usually the final step within the Nik Collection Suite that I go through. Different from the Color Efex plugin, this one focus more on the correction part. Even though it looks really simple, one of its best features is the control point function that easily allows us to correct a single spot of the image, maintaining everything else.

Viveza 2 Plugin

The render has been already through the Color Efex mode. By pre definition, after we apply the filters, Photoshop creates a layer with the new image, but also leaving you with the original. The same will happen when you apply the Viveza 2 plugin or any other Efex mode. You can find the Viveza 2 on the Nik Collection menu or on the Menu Bar > Filters.

Interface & Tools

The interface is quite simple with the right side bar and most of its adjustments being the same as the Photoshop. The adjustments can be applied to the whole image, or a single spot, through the control points, which you can pick above the adjustment options.

Control Points

The control points, personally, are the real deal here. We can apply as many points as we want, covering the area we desire, with completely different setups one from the other. In this example, I am applying the control point right on the shadow/Light transition spot. Even if the area of effect covers more than the chair, the control point recognizes the tone we are working with, not affecting the vase in the background. It would affect if the area effect radius was bigger and the tones similar.

Comparison Screen

We can also activate on the top left corner the comparison screen, allowing us to work while seeing the changes between the original and the modified image.

Final Sample

I feel the image came out quite good after the processing. The volumetric sunlight was too strong and the shadows were not contrasting very well with the image environment. I think the chairs were somehow blurry, much due to the depth of field I did not set correctly. Had to work around the Structure adjustment tool to bring out the chair texture detail a bit more.

This is another result after using Camera Raw. Removed a small amount of the warm environment and balanced the contrast between the whites. While on the first result the shadow contrast works really well with the warm environment, I believe the volumetric light here works better with a less saturated room.